The Avengers
Welcome Newcomers and Members, The Avengers is a guild for the mobile game Pocket Legends. We are active members dedicated to the skilled gaming required to become elite. In order to join our Guild please be sure to register and apply.

Please use the following link to apply while awaiting registration approval.

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 Guild Description

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PostSubject: Guild Description   Guild Description Icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 4:17 pm

This is the guild from Pocket Legends.
The Avengers has been running since close to the beginning of the official game launch, roughly a month after.

We are a guild dedicated to the gaming of Pocket Legends, a game playable on Ipod touch, Iphone, or the latest Ipad. We are gamers dedicated to the growing of our fellow members. The Avengers focus on everything as a whole, PVP, Raiding, Farming, and Trading. We do it all, Join now and help us grow beyond all belief.

Guild Members: We are rapidly growing and expanding to the edges of all Pocket Legends. We are soon to surely overwhelm all other guilds and groupings.

Month & Year Guild was started: 4/20/2010, merge was 5/27/2010

Average Level: A majority of all our members have at least one maxed character if not more. We are going to restrict membership to only those whom have at least one level 30+ to help with the crowd control.

Use Ventrilo or Teamspeak?: Hopefully coming soon, working on gathering funding for any further additions.

Time Zone/Play Times: All time zones allowed here.

Membership Requirement(s): Okay, basically we are a pretty casual/hardcore guild. You might ask how is that even possible. Here it is, we only ask a few things from our members in return from all the benefits we offer them. Please see the "Rules" section in the forums for more details.

Purpose: I cannot ensure to you that we will be the "best" guild in the game. Following standards by all the players that would be impossible. However, I am able to offer you a chance to become part of an awakening that is soon to come Pocket Legends' way. We will be fast, strong, wealthy, trusted, honored, acknowledged, and most importantly, Respected. This is the period where the meaning of the word "Guild" will begin to emerge among all others. It will take Courage and Unification/Dedication to be able to live with all the suffering groupings. Its about time for a new leader to rise up, this leader will be none other than "The Avengers".
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Guild Description
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