The Avengers
Welcome Newcomers and Members, The Avengers is a guild for the mobile game Pocket Legends. We are active members dedicated to the skilled gaming required to become elite. In order to join our Guild please be sure to register and apply.

Please use the following link to apply while awaiting registration approval.

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 Official Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Official Guild Rules   Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:12 am

These are subject to change at any time, please make sure to check back here every few days and kinda keep an eye on them.

All members must follow these including the Administration and Moderators Teams.

`All members MUST be honest, polite, and most importantly Respectful.
`We don't have any requirements on how much you have to play, that's your own business.
`Absolutely NO straight up bashing players, bad mouthing other guilds, and the like.
(We don't want to have to start a guild fight unless intended, leave personal quarries out of guild business, if u talk trash don't just expect the guild to back you up.)
` We want loyal members, suggesting that all members are part of "The Avengers" only and no other guild.
` No scamming or exploiting will be tolerated, let this be a warning, all legitimately found guilty will be banned from the guild, permanently. No Exceptions.
`All rules from here will also be effective on "The Avengers" Website:
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Official Guild Rules
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